Sunday, October 14, 2012

Dog Hugs

It has been a week of ups and downs, physically and emotionally.  I have mentioned our neighbor's dogs before, Dixie, Rebel and Tinkerbell.  Dixie and Rebel are beautiful white and tan bulldogs, Tinkerbell is some sort of itty bitty fluffy dog.  They visit every morning, for their daily treats while Rick and I are having coffee.  We watch them walking up the hill, to sit patiently in front of our greatroom windows,  while I fetch their treats......they know on the weekends,they get extras.

The trio had their treats and were sitting in our yard keeping a watchful eye on chipmunks and other critters that need to be chased.  I walked out to get our Sunday papers......all three followed me down the hill to the box.  It was a warm beautiful morning, and I decided to just sit down in the grass with my buddies.   Tink, jumped up and sat on my lap, Dixie and Rebel, nuzzled me from both sides.
Unconditional love,  along with a a little dog slobber made my morning.  I'm sure the neighbors could hear me laugh, and my dogs who were in the fence were not so happy.....their momma was getting love from those dogs across the street!  That's ok, Dixie and Rebel and Tink went home, and my dogs got hugs all around too.

Thanks to all the doggie hugs this morning, my day got off to a great start and continued that way all day.  Next time you have a bad day, I suggest dog hugs, and plenty of them!


  1. A dog hug ALWAYS makes things look a whole lot better!

  2. Awwww it's so good you are there to give Dixie, Rebel and Tinkerbell such care too!!

    Take care

  3. I have a Rick in my life... I love dogs. There's an old gal, Sally, who comes by the place where my hubby and I work every morning with her human friend. She's a large white dog and she's got the most pleasant and amiable personality. Sometimes when her owner has a few seconds I run out so I can give her hugs. When she sees me, she wags and comes running....

    It's a glimpse of beauty with doggy paws!

    Okay, if I go to your next posting and find something else in common, I know we're kindred spirits.