Saturday, October 27, 2012

A New Tradition

I think we have started a new family tradition....... a Scary Fish Fry!   My nephew Haven, fisherman extraordinaire, and fish fryer
extraordinaire was the driving force behind this
wild and wacky afternoon.

He fried the fish, my niece Jayna and I did hushpuppies and fries, and cole-slaw, and my sister and her friend, Asa did deserts.  You would not believe how much food we cooked!

The  kids wore their costumes, ran and played with the dogs, gathered wood for the firepit, and cried when it was all over.  None of them wanted to go home.  I loved every minute of it, though I am very very tired!  Haven is already planning his fishing trips for next spring, so we can do this again, next year for Halloween!  I love this new tradition!  Haven's wife Alesha was brave enough to gather the kids for the photo, and sit with them to maintain stillness for one minute!  I'd bet  most of those kids are sound asleep by now.......or maybe not, I gave them treat bags filled with chocolates to take home (my trick on the parents)


  1. Hahaha, you BAD Auntie, giving chocolate as on way home treats! Sounds like you hosted a lovely time together. I love family gatherings like that.

  2. I told Rick that it looked like a fun afternoon. I love having a houseful to cook for and Halloween in one of my favorite times of year. Now go rest, you did good!