Monday, October 8, 2012

Mr. Blue Jay

I saw my first blue jay in our yard today, since the tornadoes came through last year.
I know that many find blue jays annoying, but they are my favorite birds.  I find their color  amazing, and I actually like to hear their not so musical call.  He was sitting on one of the feeders by the bird bath, eating suet and was really being quite nice to the other birds.  I think he knew I was watching him, he preened and jumped from limb to limb on the bushes around the feeding area.

Seeing him, brought a big smile to my face.  I had missed my jays, their loud and sometimes bossy behavior.  But most of all, I had missed their color.  All summer the humming birds, and cardinals had kept the garden filled with color, but it was just not the same without the jays.  To see that burst of brilliant blue, tinged with white and black........just so beautiful!

Welcome back, Mr. Blue Jay


  1. I'm glad you like these amazing birds!! Yay!! Take care

  2. Oh I love bluejays. Magpies too!
    Glad you sighted one after all this time.

    I love the way magpies chatter amongst themselves when they aren't in spring fever season of mating and family raising. They seem to chuckle and chatter amiably.

    They hold a special place in my heart as they were 'there' for me during a rough time years ago.