Saturday, February 1, 2014

February 1

February 1......a very short month

February 1.....Valentine's Day, love is all you need

February 1.....color your world with red and pink

February 1.....any chocolate consumed this month has no calories

February 1.....treatment #26

February 1......Ground Hog's Day, heaven help him if he sees his shadow, we may all eat ground hog stew

February 1......President's Day, Happy Birthday to Abe and George

February tulips are much more romantic than roses

February 1......the color purple, amethyst stones for you birthday babies

February in the south, flowers begin to appear.....daffodils, crocus, forsythia ......a reminder that spring will come again


  1. nice month...nice things...Spring around the corner for you Autumn for me :)
    Looking forward to your post on Groundhog Day, as I have no idea what happens.
    take care hugs from downunder

  2. For a short month it's really packed with goodies! The best goodie is that it is short and then it will be March and Spring..well, atleast the date for Spring to begin! Our flowers won't appear until April if we're lucky!