Sunday, February 9, 2014

A Change in the Weather

A winter storm advisory.....issued yesterday for our neck of the woods tomorrow and Tuesday.
It has been an interesting winter, because for the first time in many years, we have had an actual winter........I hear complaints daily, but for me I have enjoyed this gift.  I love the seasons, all four of them.....though here in Alabama, we rarely have four.  Most years, we have a very short spring, a very long summer, a short fall and a few winter days. I am trying to savor what each day brings and be in the moment, enjoying the chill in the air, the warm soups and stews, the feel of a wool sweater and the looks of a great boot.....and yes, appreciating every snow flake that dares to fall.

I know my friends in the east and the north think I am crazy, but your winters are much like our summers, too much of a good thing.

Our think tank musical group met today,  so much talent......and they are friends and was a great meeting today.  We all get so excited about our music.
Though even at the meeting, talk of slow creativity caused by the dreariness and cold weather.....we have to remind ourselves, this too shall change.

Sunday night, it's always a time for me to get ready for the coming week, making sure my blankets and yoga mats are clean, our laundry is done, the house is clean, the pantry is stocked.  This week is treatment week, so all my cozy throws are clean, my pjs are ready to lounge in, my books are ready to read.  Wishing you all a brand new week to start the things you have been meaning to do, to do one thing good for yourself, to take five minutes and breathe......may the weather gods smile on us all.


  1. I sure wish I could send you MORE snow, Jilda. i would love to DUMP some of it on your lawn! lol Have a great week and I hope your treatment is not too hard on you this week. xo Diana

  2. The sun did shine today and even though the temps were 1de this morning it did warm up to 19 by the time I left work. I'm thankful for every rise in degrees and every sunny moment! I hope your week goes smoothly and the treatment isn't too hard on you this time.