Sunday, February 2, 2014

Happy Ground Hog's Day

I love Ground Hog's Day.......the movie and the actual day.  I figure that fuzzy wacky creature can predict the weather as well as we can......and Phil, who is the official groundhog saw his shadow today.......six more weeks of winter.

It is pouring rain tonight, and thunder and grandmother Mamie always said if you had thunder and lightening in December, January or February it would snow on the same day the next month.  She nailed it in January......let's see how February 6 goes (thunder and lightening on Jan. 6) and March 2 .

The Farmer's Almanac is usually pretty accurate in its weather predictions.  When you think about in years and centuries past, there were no satellites up in the heavens, no radar or weathermen.......just common folks being very alert to their surroundings and changes in nature.....intuition and physical sensations played a part as well.

So we have the next six weeks to see if Phil was correct.......I know most would love an early spring and summer......but this winter for me, has not been bad.  I love winter clothes, and foods and a fire in the fireplace......the bareness of trees, the technicolor sunsets and clear starry nights are worth the cold.......and living here in Alabama, the heat and humidity in summer  are as distasteful to me as the cold is to others.
So tonight, Happy Ground Hog's Day......and never fear, spring will come .


  1. and I still don't know what Ground Hogs Day is :)

  2. I am not a fan of winter... maybe if I had the intense heat that other places get I would appreciate it more... but we have long winters here as it is... I am looking forward to spring so I can get back out and exercise regularly... :)