Wednesday, February 26, 2014


The first daffodils of spring, blooming in the freezing cold today and promptly moved to my kitchen window sill.  I have been a little down today, but when I see those daffodils my mood brightens.

In a couple of weeks, time will move to Daylight Savings and before we know it, winter will be no more.  Spring 2014 will find us all, I hope she is a beauty this year.....full of color  and clear blue skies.

With temps in the teens tonight, it is a wonder anything is blooming, but Mother Nature is a tough old broad.
I hope daffodils bloom in your neighborhood soon.


  1. I am glad you had some daffodils to brighten your day. I contented myself with a sunny day although we had a high of less than TEN degrees...with more snow coming tonight...but we DID have sun today!;>) xo Diana

  2. Love, love, love daffodils! That's the first sign of spring. I can almost smell yours.

  3. It's still pretty cold here in Montreal but the days are getting longer. It's awfully nice to go to work and head home in daylight. It's certainly mood lifting. Enjoy your daffodils :)

  4. Seriously, daffodils? I'm thinking ours are hiding under the snow because the temps have fallen again and another storm is heading this way. I've been in a nasty mood this week and I think I need an attitude adjustment. I wonder if my Chiro hubby can manage that!