Friday, February 28, 2014

Turn the Page

I truly value every day, and I can say I try very hard to never wish time away.......but this February has been a cruel month and I am not sorry to see this page of the calendar turn.
It has been a sad month, filled with anniversaries and birthdays of loved ones passed. I have experienced more sickness from treatment this month than I have in a long time.  It has been unusually cold and snowy  and rainy here in the south.  I have worked extra hard to keep my spirits up, but several of my friends are dealing with illness right now.  So there, I have whined, thrown my pity party.

But, I have to say there have been good moments too, our gig last week, Valentine's dinner with friends, lunch with friends.,   It has been yin and has been life......and in the scheme of things, all has been as it should be.  It is cold and rainy tonight, but we are promised a couple of days of warmth, tomorrow and Sunday.

Here's to a new day and new month tomorrow.  May an abundance of good health and joy
visit us all these few weeks, wishing sunshine and blue skies for everyone this weekend.


  1. I am so looking forward to March. I shared your music with my brother today, loved listening together. Hugs.

  2. the warmer weather always makes one feel better (unless it gets HOT) I guess I will soon be grumbling about the cold .... its a pity we couldn't share. Hope March is kind to you and its good to have a grumble off the chest. hugs from downunder

  3. Well, happy March but a snow storm is heading our way big time and frankly, I'm so done with this Winter...truly! I had a pity party all last week. Everyone at work has been snarky and I think we all need more vitamin D! I hope this month brings both of us some relief in the weather dept. and I hope you feel better soon. You're a trooper Jilda!

  4. I wish a great March to everyone too... we are desperately in need of some sun and warmth :)

    Have a great week ahead Jilda :)