Friday, February 7, 2014

A Good Day

I think this winter and its cold gray days has subdued many of us.......record cold for us here in the south, record snows for others east and north of us. Today, the sun came out and though the birdbath is still frozen  and there is talk of more snow tonight, it seemed warmer.

Rick and I met our friends Kaye and Jamie for lunch today in Birmingham, we met at one of our favorite places, had platters of tasty fish tacos and enjoyed each others company.
It is always good to see friends.....we talked about books we had read, of the coming spring and our hopes for a bountiful harvest of food and flowers......and we laughed.....out loud.

The four of us needed this day......of sunshine, laughter and reminded us that even in the cold......we could find warmth with our friends......and bask in each other's love and joy.  We greeted each other with hugs, we said our goodbyes with hugs......nothing that the local news media would find interesting but for was a good day.

Wishing you all at least one good day this weekend.......hopefully, two.

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  1. It sounds like a perfect day Jilda... the kind of days I long for, we just need to make the time for each other, it's so worth the effort :)