Saturday, February 15, 2014

Darrin and Herbert

Today was Rick's brother Darrin's birthday.  Darrin died a few years ago, and honestly I tell people often that he was my brother, not my brother-in-law.  I was his big sister, he confided in me, talked about his dreams and his fears.  He died much too young, with a future that seemed so bright, his candle blown out by a life he was not ready for.

My oldest brother Herbert's death anniversary is tomorrow.......I miss him so very much, eight years since his passing.  He was a typical big brother, protective, loving and kind.  He loved life as much as anyone I have ever known.

Rick and I have talked about our parent's deaths and the sadness in our hearts, but losing siblings in many ways was more difficult.  Deep down inside, I knew our folks would not be with us forever, but I never thought about our siblings dying.

A rough day for both of us, my typical day after treatment, plus our remembrances of our brothers.  Tonight, sending love to Darrin and Herbert......we will always love you.....we will always miss you.


  1. It is very sad to lose a sibling... I have lost two of my sisters... one when she was only three and my oldest sister to cancer about 10 years ago... :'( I'm sorry for your loss...

  2. Jilda, I came across Darrin's story by Rick last night, and now today see yours about your Herbert's story. I am sorry for both of you having lost siblings. Watching you two, Rick and Jilda, and seeing how intertwined your lives are--this is just another addition--that you lost siblings so close together in calendar date. I lost my sister Colleen in 2006, and I miss her so. I have several things I want to write about her, and you and Rick are inspiration to me to "just go ahead and do it". Thank you both for these good stories, and for you sharing your talents to those of us who need inspiration.