Tuesday, February 25, 2014

I Believe

Classes today were based on communication, intuition and spirituality.........yes we can teach all of that and so much more in a yoga class.  Communication......so many of us have difficulties speaking what we think and feel, or speaking before we think......or not listening.
But, when we bring awareness to those issues.....when we breathe and move and meditate on them, we can bring about change.
Many don't believe in intuition or think they have none......but it's about trust.....trusting yourself, listening to that inner voice and understanding that the answers we seek, we already know.
An addiction center might  not be your choice for finding your spirituality, but seeking your higher power is not always done in church.  Finding a connection with spirit, comes when you 
are ready.......it comes when you can finally be still and listen and trust.
As a teacher, I don't always get the same benefits from class that my students do, but I love teaching the class I taught today.......I get as much or more than the students do.
Several in the class will be leaving soon, they have been sheltered, and taught skills that hopefully will serve them well when they enter the real world again. I have said countless prayers for these students and those that came before them, every day I send them love and blessings for the life they seek.  
My classes leave me exhausted, there are days I am not sure I can make it home.....this is not a job for the faint of heart.  But, I believe in what I do......most importantly, I believe in those I teach.

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  1. It shows how much you love your job with this post... everyone has tough times but if you can do what you love, it brings about joy and happiness... :)