Tuesday, February 4, 2014


A better day today........lots of new students......interesting to see their faces after class.  Many of them told me they had taken yoga before, I warned them I teach quite differently than most.  I am big on breath work and relaxation.  I teach yoga as a tool that can help in their recovery process, I teach to point them inward, I teach to help them find stillness and peace in the center of their storm.  I teach them, because I love them.

It seems every day locally or nationally, there is news of someone's death because of addiction.......no one decides when they are children that they want to become an addict.
But there are days, because of where I teach that it seems so widespread, that it can become overwhelming, numbing........frightening.

I tell myself that if I can help one person, if I can make a difference in someone's life.....then my life will not be in vain......I have done more than just take up oxygen.  Purpose......it is our reason for being here......service......it is our purpose.  I have friends who do mission work here and abroad, friends who volunteer and work diligently for their personal causes........we all do what we can do......we do, hopefully, what and where our heart leads us.

I have given a great deal of energy today and yesterday.......the out of sorts I believe that I have felt is just my body telling me to rest.  Tomorrow, no classes......tomorrow, I rest.


  1. That is good that you will get some rest, I have taken the last two days to relax ... I had been doing too much too...

    I think it wonderful that you have found your purpose, I could use a few or a lot of your yoga classes... I need to get to my center...