Sunday, February 16, 2014

Celebrate Ordinary

Yesterday and today were couch days, pretty typical after treatment......the energy just goes somewhere else, it eventually comes back, it takes a few days.....for life to get back to ordinary.

I use to avoid that word was the last word that I wanted to associate with.  But these past few years, ordinary has become magical. Ordinary days are the days that keep life as it should be. I mentioned to a friend today that I think we all crave ordinary.
As our world seems so focused on big, better, fast and faster.....we see and hear about the
"glamorous" life that we are missing out we push, and worry and fret......and think that the unimportant, the ordinary is not worth out attention.

But the ordinary is the glue, ordinary is substance.....those days make us appreciate  the extraordinary ones.  The ordinary days form who we are, what we become.....they define us.
Those are the days we fight our battles, love those around us, and work our daily jobs.
The ordinary prepares us for those moments that are fleeting, the moments that carry us to the moon or to the pits of despair.

These days, I celebrate ordinary........they are important days.


  1. I like an ordinary day, too. There is enough going on in life that distracts me and pulls me in many directions. Ordinary is really the boundary to my day...and I relish those days when I get them. Great post, Jilda. Hoping you feel stronger by the minute- xo Diana

  2. Ordinary is something special. Today I had an ordinary day with ordinary energy - something I have been missing for quite some time. It didn't last for many hours but I was so grateful to feel the energy to get some simple things done, things that a year ago were my normal. I do not take anything for granted now, and I am alway grateful when I have a bit of ordinary. Sending you warm thoughts and virtual hugs.

  3. I crave ordinary days... they are the days that keep us going to the next one... you are so right Jilda...

  4. Agree, agree, agree. I look for the joy in every little thing and that makes it extraordinary!

  5. As I say very often.."I love my boring life"...and I mean it!