Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Sun Dance

Our weather has become some sort of "Hotel California".......ice and snow last night, melted this afternoon,  pouring rain tonight, more snow tomorrow......and almost 70 degrees by Monday.

My treatment has been cancelled for tomorrow because of the weather, hopefully, we reschedule for Thursday or Friday.

Classes were wonderful today, one of those days when awareness  and the understanding that there is much more to yoga than poses, was the norm.  The energy in each class was palatable. It was a good yoga day.

Here's hoping that the coming storm shrinks to nothingness and that we all see the sun soon and feel its golden warmth.   Time for a sun dance.


  1. I'm with you for that sun dance Jilda... it sounds like you had a great yoga class ;-)

  2. We've had sun but very frigid temps..I'll take a dose of sun any time! It's warming up slowly and I believe 30's are possible by the weekend! Stay warm and safe!