Monday, February 3, 2014

A Little Off

Some days things just seem a little can't put your finger on what it is exactly but you know......something is not right.  Today has been that way, I feel out of sorts, and not sure what is going on.  I have acted as though all was right with the world, taught my classes,
and "gone through the motions of the day"......but still there is that feeling of all not being in balance.

Maybe you have had a day like this, nothing bad happened, nothing has really gone wrong.....yet, there is that nagging, tugging feeling........hopefully a good night's sleep will take care of the willies.  To all of you tonight, stay warm, stay safe, good night, sweet dreams.


  1. I have had those days, Jilda. I find them a bit disconcerting but move forward through it anyway. They come completely out of the blue for me and only last a day-but they do come. Hope tomorrow is a day when everything is "all right as is". xo Diana

  2. I too have had those days... I really hope sleep helped you to get rid of the feeling... :)

  3. When I don't sleep well (which is too often) I feel like this the next day. It's a very surreal feeling as if you're outside of yourself. Hope today is better!