Thursday, February 6, 2014

Coffee and Birds

I saw a robin today.....the first since last summer.  My mom always looked for the first robin of spring, she insisted that when you saw a robin, spring was just around the corner.  So, I saw a robin and we had snow flurries.......I think Mother Nature is confused.
I know that birds are nesting now, this morning after I filled the bird feeders,  a cardinal swooped down on a piece of Calliou's hair lying on the ground.  The cardinal looked so happy with that long collie hair in his beak, who knows what decorating thoughts were going through his head.

There has been much activity at the feeders these past few days, I swear the birds are inhaling suet.  Every morning there are dozens of birds on the ground, in the bird bath, and flitting from one feeder to the is a wild dance of greed and hunger.  There is constant chatter and song, I wish I knew what they were saying.

The finches have arrived, I hear their songs and see the vivid yellows and purples as the males
gulp their seed......watching them is very much like seeing planes land at an airport.....they fill the perches on the feeders, while others wait their turn on tree of them must be the air traffic controller, there is an order to their chaos.

Morning coffee and bird's the best way to start your day.

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  1. Sounds lovely! My problem is I don't drink coffee and it's still very dark when I get up and leave for work...and I think all the birds are hiding in the pine trees until it gets above zero around here! I'll have to live in your shadow until then I guess! I hope your weekend is filled with good coffee and lots of singing birds!