Friday, January 31, 2014

Hello Again

There are those who come into your life, are there for a few moments ( days, months, maybe even years),  and then they are gone, moved on to intersect with someone else's path......but they leave a residue......of love, friendship, of connection.  You may or might not see them is funny and cruel that way.

I have thought of some of those in my life today........I hope that their candle burns as bright as it did when our paths crossed......and that maybe the residue from me, still lingers with them.

Goodbyes are not often thought of as goodbyes........usually, there is hope, there are plans to meet again.....but in the scheme of things, there are few hello agains.
Tonight, I wish the residue that we all leave behind us continues to connect us and that one day, somewhere......there it is......hello again.


  1. Jilda- I have been sad the last few days missing a dear, old friend that has moved on..and..although intentions were good there is seldom contact anymore. I miss "her" and all she meant to me when we were young mothers. I know that she suffers from depression and hides away-but I still miss the warmth and love she brought into my life for way too few years. Ir is just hard to let go and know that we will probably never be really connected again.
    This is a good post here tonight- xo Diana

  2. I want the chance to have a hello again... I truly hope the residue that was left with me will be left with them too... this was a great post Jilda... :)

  3. It seems my path has been heavy with goodbyes lately. It reminds me of graduating high school. It's easy to have the best intentions to stay in touch with the people who've played such a valuable role in your journey, yet difficult to follow through when life puts time and distance in between. Perhaps the best thing about the left behind residue is that it is deathless. I believe that our paths cross for a bigger reason, though we may not understand why at the time. We meet who we need to meet, learn from them what must be learned, and then when it's time, we move forward towards our own trajectory. Nevertheless we always remember and keep close to our hearts those with whom we hope we have not yet shared our last goodbye. So here's to exciting new paths and the lingering hope that one day ours will cross again.