Tuesday, January 14, 2014

We Are Not So Far Apart

There is the most beautiful, almost full moon in the sky tonight.  I left work this evening at the most magical time of the day.......not day, not night....the sky was almost indigo and there hovering above me was that great big silvery orb.

We had done moon salutations in class today, to greet the full moon this week......and I think the universe gave me a thumbs up, because as I walked to my car,  in a crystal clear sky was that exquisite moon greeting me.

The road was almost empty as I drove home,  but the moon seemed to follow me ......like a good friend, concerned about my well being.  I have said this so many times, but during the week of the full moon I feel so close to my friends scattered around the world.......because I know the very same moon  filling my night sky with such glory is doing the same for them.  It's that connection of being bathed in moonlight, of having the night sky reaffirm all that is beautiful and good.

Where ever you are tonight, as you read this blog, know that the moonlight that shines through your window also shines through mine......and we are not so far apart.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams

1 comment:

  1. the 6 degrees of separation gets less and less. Your Moon is my Moon.
    I too feel this connection to it.
    Keep well.... hugs from downunder