Wednesday, January 29, 2014

An Unforgettable Birthday

Today was Jordan, our great nephew's birthday, he was was also a snow day (no school).  I had promised that we would bake cupcakes for him to share with his classmates.  We made two dozen cupcakes, 18 for his classmates and a few extras to share with a hungry teacher or office worker tomorrow.

I can't believe he is six, he told his mom this morning that he grew last night, because today was his birthday.
We decorated the cupcakes with white sugar sparkles to resemble snow.......this is a birthday he won't ever forget.

Our world is starting to get back some sense of normal......there are still thousands of cars on our roads and interstates, still icy conditions, but people are starting to make their way home.  The past forty-eight hours has been unforgettable and scary.  Tomorrow the temps should be above freezing.

As always when there are natural disasters, there have been stories......of human kindness and a few of the  ugly side of humanity.   One of the sweetest I have heard, a boyfriend delivered
his girlfriend's baby this morning in their apartment.......911 folks talked him through the delivery, mom, baby girl and dad are doing fine.  Snow and ice, took some lives, but it also brought at least one new one today.

I hope that you all are warm and safe, though the wind and the snow may be knocking on your door......and for those of you down under, I hope you get relief from the heat soon.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams


  1. What a lucky little fellow, love those wide eyes and the look on his face. I like to believe that the good far outweighs the bad. What a tale that little guy will be told at the 21st.
    Not so hot down here but its going to heat up for the weekend. Wouldn't it be nice if we could share our heat and cold. hugs sheila in Mulgrave

  2. What a sweet little boy. I love that age! They know "something" about "everything". How fun that you made cupcakes with him.

    I heard that on the news about the baby and I think there was one delivered in a car on the interstate, too. xo Diana

  3. Hello Jilda.nice to see your blog is still going strong.I have been absent for a while It looks like it came all nicely together for Jordan on his day,no school,snow and yummiest cupcakes.Greetings from sunny New Zealand