Monday, January 27, 2014

Yoga As More than Movement

Yoga classes today and tonight were all about intention......often, when we do yoga postures it can be much like our daily lives......we go through the  motions with not much thought about what we are doing.  In these classes today, as we did each asana I discussed not only what that particular pose did for the body, but how we could apply it to our daily lives.

example:  mountain pose, a simple yet powerful standing pose, often used as a rest posture, but today I talked about coming into mountain pose, thinking about the strength and how strong we see mountains, then bringing that  strength to our lives as we stand in mountain pose......we are much stronger than we think......

another example: cow/cat pose.......we practice that posture for flexibility to our spines.....but we can also use it to remind ourselves to keep flexibility in our lives, to not be afraid of change, to embrace the changes that we face.

As we went through the class, and I discussed each posture and how we can use movement to bring awareness to our daily lives, I saw faces light became much more than movement....

It is bitter cold here in the south tonight, and I know for many of you in other regions of the USA, it is frightfully cold.  Stay warm, stay safe, this too shall pass.

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  1. Once my knee heels where I can hold a pose I want to join a Yoga class, I think it would help so much with my flexibility... Stay warm, we have a cold snap coming on but nothing like what the mid west has...