Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Jan. 1

Jan. 1.......the first day of the first month of a brand new year with a new moon tonight

Jan. 1.....cold, getting colder, maybe snow by the first of next week

Jan. 1.....rain on its way tonight

Jan. 1......treatment #25 this month

Jan. 1.....Rick's birthday this month, my brother Ricky's birthday , my grandmother Mamie's birthday, Jordan's birthday, and Breeze's birthday and the 23rd anniversary of my dad's death

Jan. 1....big gig this weekend, CD release concert for The League of Extra Ornery Songwriters, seven of us, on one stage

Jan. 1.....bare trees, incredible winter skies and sunsets

Jan. 1....2014, I welcome you and pray that you bring good health, and joy to myself and those I love

Jan. 1.....a new month and new year brings hope, let us not forget the hope we feel today, six months from now......even people on FB seemed much kinder today

Jan. eye peas, greens and corn bread today, for luck and prosperity.....I ate plenty

Jan. 1.....the new moon is a  symbol for new beginnings, I am excited

Jan. 1.....I love the starkness of winter


  1. Hope your treatments go's hard to do other things when you have health concerns. I admire your upbeat attitude. May this new year bring better health and happiness for us both! Hugs.

  2. January can a bleak month but you have a great positive spin on it already. I love that about you Jilda!