Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Good News/Bad News

A good news/bad news kind of a day.......but then again, most of them are, aren't they?  The good news, the treatments are working......the bad, six more months of treatments......but, it could always be worse, much worse.
It is nice to know that my immune system has found its way home and with much prodding from said treatments has  decided to do what it does best, let those antibodies multiply!
I will continue to deal with a chronic disease, and understand that antibiotics are my best friends for life, but this good news rocked my world today.  I did a happy dance!
So, thanks for all your incredible love, healing energy and prayers, I appreciate them so much.
And as I have these past six months, there will be an update from the big green chair for the next six months.
Who knows when this is all over, I may ask to bring it home with me! (for a bonfire)


  1. Jilda,
    So glad your treatments are going well.

    I'll send you a match to help burn that darned green chair at the end of it all. :)

  2. Dearest Jilda, this sounds good indeed, wish you all the strength in the world! Thinking of you!

  3. Thank goodness they are working. Good news indeed.

  4. Such good news! I hope all continues well and prayers will continue for you!