Tuesday, August 21, 2012


I see drama in various stages almost every day, I am astounded by how many seemingly intelligent people stoop to drama and manipulation.  There have been people in my life who thrive on chaos.  It is almost as if they did not feel alive unless they were in the midst of drama, chaos and turmoil.  My mom seemed to thrive on drama, many times I felt as though I spent my life trying to "fix" what her storms had ravaged.

Seeing drama and chaos first hand, I think that those who are fueled by the tempests are really focusing their energies on everything, but that which is taking place inside them.  I think it is fear driven, and insecurities that feed and cause it all to grow.  Being in the midst of drama can suck you into a black vacuum, where there is no light at the end of the tunnel.  Drama loves company.......and any encouragement is gasoline on the fire.

There are also those, who appear to be peaceful, who secretly thrive on drama themselves.  On first impression, it seems they are solid and grounded, but as you spend more time with them, you see that they 
encourage drama and chaos.  It may be through the people they choose to be with, how they express themselves, but enough time with these closet drama lovers and you will be in the midst of hurricanes.

There is no hiding from those who thrive and love drama, but you can protect yourself......most families have a few drama "kings and queens", if you find yourself in their kingdom, don't participate, stay neutral and no......it is not your job to fix or pick up the pieces.  If you have friends or a work environment where drama resides.......limit your time and contact, keep your comments to yourself, and duck and run for cover whenever possible......and when all else fails.......breathe.

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