Monday, August 13, 2012

What Do I Want

Almost every day for the past few years, I have written,either in my day planner or my note app on my phone, a list.......What Do I Want.  It is quite similar to my vision board, but there are no pictures, just a list.

Looking back over a few of the old ones today I realized that several things I wanted, I had gotten.
I think that list, that writing down makes a difference.  It is a very selfish list, What Do I Want.
But, I learned a few years back after being a caregiver........what I want is important too.

Many people do not know what they want.  They feel dissatisfied, unhappy and when you ask them what do they want......the answers are vague and generic.  I think, you really have to think about 
what you want and be very specific.  When you make that list......What Do I begin to look at who you are, what your needs and wants are, and that it is ok to make that list.

If you have never made a What Do I Want list, I suggest doing so.  No, you can't put that you want good health for your family, or peace and love, etc.  This is ALL about what YOU  want.  Do you really want to lose weight, then write down as though you are already there the number you yearn for......example, if you want to weigh 125 pounds.....write down, I weigh 125 pounds.  If you want to go back to school........example, My Master's Degree is really impressive.  Writing this list, this way and looking at it every day, causes conflict in the brain and that conflict pushes you to solve the conflict by making what your eyes read, a reality.

On my past lists, obtaining my 200RYT,  performing 2-4 gigs per month, no need to take cholesterol
meds anymore......those are now reality. Take five minutes, and start to really think about.....What Do I Want......make the it every day.....get ready for results.

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