Friday, August 3, 2012

Simple Meditation

I taught meditation classes today.  I look at my students and their stress and anxiety scares me.  They are at such a major crossroads in their lives, so much hangs in the balance with their choices and decisions.  Many of them have done yoga before, few have actually meditated.  It's often hard for them to understand that alcohol and drugs do not relax.

One gentleman that I worked with today, after fifteen minutes of meditation looked at me with amazement in his eyes.  He thought we had meditated for five minutes.......he was so calm and relaxed, he looked ten years younger.  A young man had tears in his eyes after our session, stillness and peace had opened the floodgates and his heart.

I think if more of us meditated, so much of this having to be right, so much of this animosity toward those who are different,  would fall by the wayside.  We live our lives outward, but the love,the peace and stillness we all want and seek is inward.  We look at the outside world to fulfill our wants, we expect the outside world to bring instant happiness, we need for the outside world to approve us, to validate us.  But the outside world is just an experience, a series of choices and paths.........who we are, and all that we seek is inward.  I do believe we are spiritual beings having a human experience.

So, the most simple meditation I can teach you.........sit, and breathe.  Sit comfortably, and take all your awareness to your breath, when the thoughts flood your mind, take the awareness back to your breath.  Feel your breath, listen to your breath, just breathe........start with five minutes, see if you can work up to fifteen.
Those around you will notice a difference, you will notice a difference.........I've told you are worth it.