Friday, August 10, 2012

Raining Rambles

storms rolling across the south tonight, not bad ones, just summer thunderstorms with lightening streaks and flashes, much better than any Fourth of July fireworks show..... These are the kind of storms I love, with the rain pouring, and flashes of silver streaking across the heavens.  When I was a kid, I honestly thought that when it rained on my neighborhood, it was raining all over the world.

I have a new schedule at work for a while, I am off on Fridays.......I need these three day weekends.........the old body is still not where she should be, but she's getting there.  Rick loves me being off on Fridays, he is thinking weekend escapes!

I am rambling a bit tonight, but for some reason my brain has raced the past couple of days, did not sleep much last night and not a bit sleepy will catch up with me, and I will be running on empty.   I found new water colors for the cards I will be painting for my friend's shop.
They are beautiful rich colors, can't wait to get started!

I think I have drifted too far from the shore, as far as my train of thoughts tonight.......hopeful that sleep will come, and all will be back to normal.
Good night, Sweet dreams

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  1. We've had lovely rain for the last couple of days and now it's so the 60's...ahhh...I'm loving this little break before hot comes back. Now the pumpkin farmers can smile and hopefully all the little kiddos who invade the pumpkin patches this fall will have some to pick. Enjoy those 3 day weekends..gotta love that!