Friday, August 17, 2012


Tonight I made my momma's pound cake, I had not baked one in a very long time.  Tomorrow is a friend's birthday, he LOVES ice cream, so I figured what better to go with ice cream, than pound cake.
I thought about my  mom so much as I baked her cake tonight.  She loved cooking for friends and family, and she was a very good cook.

My mom taught me to cook at a very young age,  Rick says that is one of the reasons he married me, I am such a good is years of practice, and also a love of cooking.  I am also cooking birthday dinner for my friend tomorrow night.

Through the years, I have stressed to my nieces and nephews the importance of cooking skills.  Home cooked food is less expensive and usually much better than most restaurants.  Home cooked meals can also be much healthier.  Sharing a meal you cooked is an incredible way to spend time with those you love.
Cooking is a skill that can set you apart from the crowd.

If you don't know your way around the kitchen, it is never too late to start......there are basic cooking classes in most cities, and great cook books are every where.  Start with simple, and then get as creative as you dare.  Someone will always want to taste your wares.


  1. Good advice! Who knows...when you learn to cook you could get your own food network show! One of our funniest (now) arguments in our marriage was because of a horrible meal I cooked. I knew it was awful but I didn't appreciate Jack telling me it was awful! He actually dumped in on the floor. Not to be outdone I kicked it onto the wall. We were so mature back then. I can't believe we're going to be married 38yrs in a few weeks....I've improved not only my cooking skills but my temper too!

  2. Well yaya, I've thrown a meal at my husband not the floor! We were very mature then too.

    Jilda, I'm a terrible cook except when we were vegetarians. I learned how to make all kinds of things then. I just tend to cook meat badly. Good idea though to go to a class. My oldest daughter does that. She is a fantastic cook.