Thursday, August 23, 2012

Day After

I slept most of the day, on the couch.......I usually do the day after treatment.  Each time I opened my eyes, I was astounded by the brilliance of the light outside our windows.  Our great room faces north, and as the days grow shorter, the angle of the sun's rays dances through those panes of glass.  There are four hummingbird feeders, a bird bath and a couple of regular bird feeders in front of those windows.  Today, there were so many hummingbirds, I lost count.  I kept thinking this must be what Chicago's airport looks like at peak time.  Those little hummers were flitting, and darting, they belly bumped each other and buzzed their friends away from  the nectar. I got dizzy just watching.

The sky looked like the skies out west, that blue that dazzles and shimmers, the blue that you wish every sky could be.  Our days have been perfect, mid-eighties for highs, lows in the of my friends and yoga students gave me a Momma's and Papa's cd Monday night after class, it is the only music I have listened to since.  I really have been California Dreaming today.  I am still sleepy, now the bed calls my name.

Goodnight, Sweet dreams


  1. Sleep is a great healer! Do take care my dear

  2. Hope you are feeling better with each day...have a restful and lovely weekend!

  3. Oh the Mamas and the Papas!! Enjoy your rest and the hummingbirds! Take care