Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sacred Opportunity

Our music "think tank" met this afternoon........I know this may  sound strange to many, but I could spend my  life on a bus, with musicians.......yes, I have met a few in my life that I would run over with the bus.....but these guys and gal are the best.   They are talented, smart, funny with hearts of gold, and a love of all things music.  We are planning a weekend together, to write songs and play music.   Could it get any better than that?  Well , yeah.......we are also booking gigs who knows, maybe the bus thing is in the future.

There is something magical that happens when creative energy fills the room, something supernatural takes place when songs are written, and when there is connection on stage with musicians and the is a feeling  that cannot be explained, only experienced.  My mom use to tell me that I would outgrow this "music thing", but my dad always told her no, it was a part of me, it was in my blood.  My dad was right.  It has flowed  through my veins since I was a child and will be with me when I die.....I hope it is with me in the next life.

When I was younger, I thought that I wanted the fame, but standing on the fringes looking in.....I realized, it wasn't about the fame, it wasn't about the money, as corny and strange as it might sound, it really was all about the music.  Once in Memphis, many years ago, I saw a beautiful old woman
( maybe in her 70's) singing in one of the blues I sat there and listened to her sing, she looked younger and younger.....the music transformed her.  It hit me right then and there,  music transcends all're never too young or too old.

Tonight, if there is live music in your town, support it........go is a sacred opportunity, to sit and let someone bare their soul for your entertainment.

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