Sunday, August 19, 2012

A Great Adventure

Sometimes you just need your friends...... today, since I could once again walk and stand  without the world spinning, our friends Jamie and Kaye and Fred came over.  We celebrated Jamie's birthday, which was yesterday.  I have truly felt the love sister cooked lunch for me, which was fabulous as always, and then our friends came by this afternoon......and I got an incredible note from an old friend.  I think all the love that was sent my way, made a difference.  I am not 100 percent, but I am so much better.

Human kindness, love and caring......good medicine.  It's the kind of medicine we need in our lives every day.  I cannot imagine going through illness, mourning the loss of loved ones, without a friend or family member by my side.  I have watched some of my "chair buddies" who get infusions, they arrive by themselves, and a Taxi picks them up.....I hope and pray that circumstance prevents their loved ones from being there with them......but sadly, I think some of them are very much alone.  Life is tough enough when you're healthy, but to be sick and alone.......I can't even imagine.  Rick keeps telling me that I can't solve everyone's problems, that I am in worse shape than some that  I want to help.......but helping is what I do, it is how I am wired, for better or worse.

We sat around the kitchen table tonight and talked of travels.......Fred has been to every state, but maybe 3 or 4, Jamie and Kaye have gone to amazing places around the would be fun, to travel with friends and go some place on an Peru or Russia or Australia......who knows what the future holds?
For now, it was a great adventure just to have them sit around my kitchen table, hearing their laughter and seeing their faces, and hearing their was a good night, an adventure that will be remembered on down the road.

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  1. You are such a kind soul! Glad you had a lovely weekend filled with friends and family! Take care