Monday, August 27, 2012

Everything Changes

Did you know that this week there is a blue moon?  Yep, August has two full moons, and the second one arrives Saturday night.  On the way home from class tonight, I looked over my right shoulder,and the moon was already brilliant.  It was a beautiful sky, with the clouds beginning to swirl from the south east in wisps and that big moon shimmering through.  The weather guys are saying rain (and lots of it) for us the next five days......guess that means  I might not see the full blue moon Saturday night.

As I taught my class tonight, I looked out the windows of the community center,  the sunset was painting the sky with swirls of pinks and corals......I wanted to tell the class to look, but they were already beginning relaxation, and I knew at that point, the sunset didn't matter to them.  There is something about major changes in the weather that trigger beauty in nature.   I suppose today was the calm before the storm, it was 93 degrees with the perfect balance of blue skies and white clouds.

As the weather changes, I think about the changes that take place in our lives......some of the changes are like the weather and can be violent and disturbing, but others like  the sunset and the blue moon can be spiritual and filled with beauty and goodness.  In my classes today at work, some of the students talked about how difficult change could be, and I agree it can be hard.......but everything changes, that is what life is.
A change in weather, a change in your life.....both can be extreme, both can be hard......but the certainty is this......everything changes.

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  1. I shall look out for this fabulously titled Blue Moon!! Yay! Take care