Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Crossroads.......we have all been some point in our lives, we have been at the crossroads.
We live in an area that is a crossroads for weather systems, where the warm moist air from the Gulf of Mexico is forever clashing with the jet stream from the West.  I love the legend about the incredible blues singer/musician Robert Johnson who made a deal with the devil at a lonely crossroads in rural Mississippi.  So it seems Crossroads can turn your world upside down.

Crossroads, that place where roads collide......choices can be  made in a blink of an eye, or be excruciatingly long.  Crossroads can be exhilarating, scary or numbing.  But, the thing about can't stay there forever, sooner or got to way or the other.

Crossroads, in rural Alabama on almost any Saturday'll find teenagers asking for donations.....for a class trip, gear for their team, a sick classmate.  Crossroads usually involve stop signs.......a reminder it is best to stop and think about your next move.  There are major crossroads for almost everyone.....things such as education, choice of a life mate, or divorce, career choices, retirement choices. Crossroads force you to make a decision, no matter how painful or scary.

Crossroads, at some of them, we have probably all made some sort of deal with the devil......and dealt with the consequences.  If all roads lead home, then quite possibly, sooner or later......there is a crossroads that leads home......and maybe home is where we are all headed after all.

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