Friday, August 31, 2012

Shelter From the Storm

How do you weather life's storms?  Some of us duck and run for cover, some walk directly into the
squall, and others....well we don our protective gear and hope for the best.

I have spent a great deal of time lately thinking about how I have been weathering the storms.  I think I have done a little bit of everything......I know the storms of life can take their toll....when the spirit is beaten, the body will begin to show the wear and tear.  Some storms rage so hard for so long, that some throw their hands into the air, they turn to drugs, alcohol, sex, anything they can find to numb themselves.

Living here in North Central Alabama, I am well aware of storms......tornadoes, hurricanes, ice......our weather can turn violent in the blink of an eye.   The storms of life hit fast too......illness, heartbreak,
some of it you see coming, but too often it blindsides you.

My grandparents had a storm pit.......a hole dug deep into a hill side behind their house, that was their shelter from the parents had a basement, Rick and I go to our bathroom and hope for the best.  My shelter from life's storms.......friends, family, breath work and yoga, meditation, music, art and my far my shelter has held strong.

Tonight if the storms of your life are raging, don't give up, don't numb for your personal shelter......find that place, that friend, that gives you shelter from the storm.....the storms won't stop, but with can wait it out.....and see the sun once again.

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