Thursday, August 16, 2012

Lack Luster

It has been one of those days, when life seems to have lost a little luster.  It happens, who knows why, but you just get up one morning and things appear rather flat.  It could be fatigue, too much rain, too much sun, too much work, not enough work, too hot, too cold......things just don't glow as they should.  It doesn't last,  it truly is a passing's just the waiting for it to pass.

It is days like today, when if at all need to shake things up......go some place something different.  That is not always possible,  so you take a deep breath and wait.  Change is inevitable,
and the luster will reappear.  We have a dog with cataracts, I figure days like this one......that must be what she sees's all a little fuzzy, nothing is clear.

These days make you appreciate the ones that sparkle......make you long for the ones that shine....and they will sure as the sun rises in the east.

Good night, Sweet dreams

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