Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tuesday Musings

First, my bad, should have looked at my day planner, blue moon is Friday night,not Saturday!
Classes today were special, not sure if it is the energy from Hurricane Isaac, the blue moon or just how it was suppose to be......sometimes there is so much love, so much kindness, so much peace in the room that it is palatable, and that is exactly the way it was today.  It wasn't about the postures,it was the breathe, and the place that everyone wanted to be.  I went to work today not feeling well at all, I came home uplifted and restored.  The lung gunk is still there, but my spirit is in way better shape.

It seems the days I think I can't give anymore, those are the days that some how, some way, I have more to give than I can imagine.  The most wondrous thing of all.......I get back even more than I give!

The monsoons started today, I love tropical rain bands.......there are sweeps of pouring rain, moments of cool breezes, then warm stillness and then pouring rain again.  I knew today, as the rain poured down, there was a promise of fall......you could feel brief moments, teasers if you will of fall.  The purple beauty berries are blooming, tinges of red and orange on leaves, goldenrods  beginning to bud.

Today like every other day, was a gift......I am grateful.....that the hurricane is not a cat 4 or 5 or even a 3, that hopefully some places that need the rain will get it by the weekend,  and most of all.....I am grateful to know love.


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