Thursday, August 9, 2012

Preventative Medicine

Several new students today........a couple of them were so nervous about coming to yoga, they were bouncing off the walls.....and as always, a couple were rather pissed that their counselors had written yoga into their program.  It is all good.....the proof is at the end of class, when no one wants to leave, and soft serene faces glow with the inner peace they were joking about forty-five minutes earlier.

Some days I almost don't believe it can breath and movement do so much?  But I am living proof......I have COPD and I am also a singer.  Years of yoga, years of breath work, of fresh air, good food, daily walks, and lots of has made all the difference.  Not to say I don't have difficult days, and respiratory infections can be down right scary,  but I know yoga and breath work are the magic bullets for me.

I have taught meditation classes every day this week, I keep stressing that even if you don't want to have a yoga practice......the breath work and meditation are things that anyone can do to achieve better mental and physical health.  I live for the day, that we in America teach preventative medicine.