Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Treatment #7

My relationship continues with those big green chairs.  My hematologist told me this morning that she believes God placed me in that big green chair for a reason.......she said just last week that three different patients asked when I was having my next treatment, they wanted to be scheduled for theirs at the same time......of course, with the HEPA laws she couldn't tell them.  She laughed and told me that every where she practiced someone asked about me.

I can't help myself, each time I sit in those chairs,hooked to that drip......I feel I have to connect to those around me.  I see their faces, their fear, and see how illness is changing their lives.  I try to smile at everyone,
I sit and mentally send them love and prayers for their healing. I do the same for those three incredible nurses who walk a million miles, comforting, caring.  Maybe I am there for a reason.  I know that all of this  has changed me......and the change started with knowing I would be visiting a hematologist/oncologist last December.  One of things I crave most these days......time with friends and family.......I need them, I need to hear their voices, see their faces, feel their hugs......I just can't get enough.

Today was a happy day in the infusion of the patients announced she would not have to come for any more chemo can't do a happy dance hooked to the drip, but there were tears of joy, and cheers of gladness. The sun's rays were brilliant coming through those windows.  Another patient who had seemed so down the last time I saw him, was downright perky today......he's getting better too.
Hope is contagious, and when people have no hope, there is nothing sadder.  Today, hope spread like the rays of the sun through that different from the last time.

I think at any given time, we are all someplace for a reason.....and we should never forget that.  Who knows what a smile, a kind word, a touch or hug will do for someone hurting......every moment I spend in that green chair, hammers home the realty that life is short.....that we all matter......we are all connected.
Six months ago......seems so far away, and life was different then.  That green chair has forever changed my life.....just like it does for all the others who sit there.


  1. I am always humbled by your posts, Jilda. They emit goodness and love; no wonder people want to be in the chair next to yours!

    Kind thoughts to you.

  2. :D ::big smile::

    Sometimes it was hard to smile or say anything while in the "green chair" - ours were yellow - because everyone looked so sad, desolate - I don't know how to explain it, but I just felt as tho' I would intrude with my happiness at just being alive at that moment if I smiled. I think we all wanted to wish eachother well, but were afraid that some knew they weren't going to make it and this was only a stop gap on the path.

    I honestly don't know. But I would've liked to have been sitting next to you on those days.

  3. Awww Jilda! I can totally see why you are so loved!!! Yay! take care