Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Full Day

Tomorrow I find out if the treatments are working, if they need to be continued or stopped.......I hope I sleep tonight.  Needless to say, it's a big day this first day of August.  I am working hard on no expectations tonight, we shall see what happens.  Will keep you posted.

Today was a good day.  We got almost six inches of rain, and Jordan spent the day.  We spent a great deal of time, splashing in puddles.  We are also making Christmas tree ornaments out of play dough for his mom......don't tell, it's a surprise!  I know it's early, to be talking Christmas, but you have to prepare for this stuff, and besides.......he loves play dough.  He also taught me his version of hop-scotch........trust me, you have never played hop-scotch until you have played his version.....it involves, bonus points, and sweet gum balls.

Goodnight, Sweet dreams

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  1. Fingers crossed that the treatments are working.