Thursday, July 5, 2012

Interstate Heat

We met friends today in Huntsville for lunch, then headed home to get it all together for our gig tomorrow night.  I envisioned a great practice.......I should learn a lesson here( never envision).  As we were getting on I-65 South to head for home, an Alabama State Trooper flew by us with his lights and siren going crazy.
My first thought, wreck on the Interstate.  We were just a short ways from the bridge over the Tennessee River, and traffic came to a screeching halt.........2:10 pm, 98 degrees.  Seems a tractor trailer had jack-knifed on the bridge.  Did I say it was 98 degrees?

Since my treatments started, I am never warm, I never sweat, I sleep in polar fleece........that all changed today.  Ingrid is old, we cut her engine off, we had not stopped to get water, we were only about an hour and forty-five minutes from home......  It was 98 degrees on the Interstate, with literally a couple of thousand cars.  I sweated, I still feel sick......If Scottie could have beamed me up, I would have left and never stepped foot in Alabama again.  We were there an hour and a half.

All I could think of........I should have gone to work today, and taught my classes.  I know......I need mental health breaks........this one today......has stressed me and my body to the limit.

I remember my mom and dad never went anywhere in Alabama summers without ice and me,
lesson hammered into my head today ( it still hurts)  I would have stood on the side of the road naked if I had thought it would cool me down........but, in the heat, even being naked doesn't help.

Everyone for miles was standing outside their cars talking.  The car beside us, the woman was wheelchair bound, they had their little dog.........I kept thinking of all those people stranded in the heat......old, sick,
children........I know this was totally unexpected, but our state has evacuation plans for hurricanes, nuclear
disasters, tornadoes.......looks as though maybe someone might think about bringing in some water for traffic disasters in Alabama heat.

Sorry for the rant, but you know that is life sometimes  difficult for all of us, my transformation information for you all tonight...... if you are driving through Alabama in the summer.......make sure you have a cooler with water for you and your pets.


  1. Glad everyone - all creatures great and small - were ok! Take care

  2. What an ordeal....that's probably good advice for anyone, anywhere, in the summer.

  3. I hope you feel better soon and I just read Rick's post and was sweating just reading it. Hope you all have a cool down was brutal here too, but relief is coming by Sunday. My poor hubby has been at Boy Scout camp all good dead goes unpunished!