Friday, July 27, 2012

Who I Am

A new ( well sorta) adventure........I have painted for years.....murals, paintings, rugs, and candles and Christmas cards.  Then, for what ever reason, I pretty much stopped, other than my personal Christmas cards that I paint each year.  I visited with an old friend today from Gainesville, Fl.  His company is opening a Christmas shop this year and he wants to include my cards in their shop.   I am so excited!

Isn't it amazing how when one door opens, just a wee bit, you began to see all sorts of possibilities.  The wheels are spinning in my head, I am thinking I should call some of the shops that use to carry my painted candles and see if they would like to carry my cards.

It's odd about the cards, a couple of weeks ago when we were visiting our friends down on the river, Tom asked me to walk in their living room he had something to show me.  Hanging over their fireplace was this massive, beautiful frame........and in it, my Christmas cards that I had painted for them through the years.
Another friend has had several of them framed also.  I was so touched, that the cards had meant that much to them.

I love performing, I love teaching, but I have missed painting.......and there is room in my life for all of it.
The art and the music have been a part of me since I was a child......and I have come to realize that I can't deny any part of me.......all of it makes me who I am today.

So I am grateful tonight.....for friends and  opportunities, for my gifts and passions.......for those who believe in me enough, to hang my paintings on their walls.

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  1. I still have the Christmas card you made for me a couple years ago!