Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Lost Day

Some days are just lost, you don't mean for them to be, they are not planned, but life happens.
Today was a lost day for me, illness kicked my butt around 3:00 am, most of the day I have slept.
Days like this one......a struggle to not get down.......I figured I must have needed the rest really bad.
Yesterday had been awesome, the most energy in quite a while, I was almost giddy.

Blackie Bear and I are old pros at sharing the sofa/floor space, he hangs in there, just like Rick.

The good news, rain is coming in, we have had a few showers today.......and temps will only be in the 80's tomorrow.  I hope all of you get some cooler days and raindrops (if you need them).

Lost days, a reason and a purpose........I hope I find my day tomorrow.

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