Sunday, July 22, 2012

Life Goes On

This past week has been a long arduous seems as though every little downside that took place in the last seven days, replayed itself in my head and heart.  Sometimes it's just that way.  Not often do I feel this way,  actually it has been quite awhile, but I feel beaten......not defeated, just beaten......and I promise I won't be this way for long.

Times like these, you grow, you reflect, you cry.......and then you put your big girl panties on, and face the world with a smile......and you know it will all be ok. Normally I would also talk about taking some deep breaths, but the past couple of days, even those have been difficult.

I am optimistic about tomorrow, Monday.......a brand new week, the last week of July.......summer's heat will soon be just another memory.  Life goes on, just as it should.


  1. Lovely Jilda! It's Monday here now and the sun is shining and it's a beautiful day! I hope you are feeling a little better! Take care

  2. Don't be down, things always look up.

  3. I'm glad for a new week also..and I'm looking forward to fall so Aug. will bring me closer. Hope you have a better week and are feeling good soon.