Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Lessons I Learn

One of the most important things I have learned from my can't save anyone.  I still struggle with that one......but I know in my heart it is true.  You can be there with love, with support, with care.......but life is what it is.  People get sick, some get well, some don't, some make good choices, others make horrible choices.

We have several friends who are going through extremely rough times......everything from illness, to addiction issues.........we can't heal, we can't save.....but we can love.....we can listen......and give hugs.  It's interesting, we are all in this life together, but there comes a time.......when a choice is made, and we make it......alone.

I hear it, I see it almost daily......I talk about it almost every night on this is choice......we choose and then we live or struggle with our choices.  Even when you're blindsided by the obstacles, those things you never expected, you make choices on what  to accept, deal with or live with  or walk away from. Even with illness, when it seems there are no choices, there really are choices to be made.

I never meant to write this blog tonight, but the day's events triggered the words......and the lessons I learn haunt me sometimes.

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  1. Sometimes all people need is a shoulder to cry on. Hope all is gets better with your family and friends. Take care