Sunday, July 29, 2012

Give More, Expect Less

Give more, expect less......a friend posted a list of simple rules to live by on FB this morning, give more, expect less were  part of the rules.  In yoga I teach about letting go of expectations, our expectations rarely are  met and quite often leave us deflated and depressed.

The past few years I have tried to live my life by giving more and expecting nothing.......not even a thank you.
It's hard I admit, but if you give......your time, money, gifts, advice, talents, whatever without expectations, giving becomes so easy.  What is it about our society that when we give, we expect?  And those expectations lead to hurt feelings, anger, indignation, self-righteousness and more.

Give more, expect less......four words that could make your life easier, happier, and simpler.......

Give more
Expect less


  1. I'm terrible!! I expect a "thank you" at the very least! Oh dear! I have many expectations to let go!!!

    Take care