Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Thanks to all of you who expressed your condolences.  It is plain to see that you love and understand the loss of a beloved pet.  Blackie Bear decided long ago I was his human, he tolerated Rick and at times appeared to even like him.........but I belonged to him.

Dealing with my illness the past year, brought out the truly protective nature in Bear......even though his heart was failing he always kept a watchful eye on me.  On treatment days when I came home, he took his place on the floor beside the sofa, only moving when I did. When nausea hit, he sat at the bathroom door......and every morning when we walked, even as his steps grew weaker.......he waited patiently for me to come and rest.

The Watson house seems so empty, after all Blackie Bear weighed almost 100 lbs, just a little less than me.
I understand loss and I know grief, and I know that with time, the emptiness and loss eases.
Once again, thank you all for your love and kindness.......you would have loved him too.


  1. Beautiful Blackie Bear. I'm really sorry. Take care

  2. I posted this comment on Rick's blog yesterday, then I remembered that you had also written about Blackie Bear:
    I fell your loss, I know that not many Blackie Bears cross our paths in this life. We must naturally celebrate their lives and mourn their passing when we are fortunate enough to have shared a life with such a friend.