Saturday, July 14, 2012

Reasons and Lessons

I often have to remind myself that everyone in my life is there for a reason.......and sometimes I have to also remind myself, the opposite is true too.......that I am in their life for a reason.  I also have to remind myself that my definition of friendship is not the same as someone else's.

I have written several blogs about friendships, about the power of words, and purpose.  I really struggle with
relationships/friendships sometimes......we pick our friends, we deal with our how far do you let it go?   Is it all based on respect, kindness, common interest, and love? Do we allow ourselves to be trashed by someone in the name of friendship/family........are criticism, hurtful words, in the disguise of "truth"
acceptable.......or is it just mean spirited  digs, thinly disguised?

I can't ever remember hurting anyone in my life on purpose, those that vex my spirit I tend to keep my distance.......but sometimes a "veil" of friendship can hide bitterness and a hardened heart.  Is the lesson mine to learn, or am I there to teach a lesson?  Maybe I will never know.

Serious thoughts and questions  for a Saturday night.


  1. I don't know the circumstances of your serious thoughts but I feel like maybe a close friend has hurt your feelings in some way. Hurtful words or actions are never acceptable but sometimes calling someone out on it doesn't make them change. I've found that I have to somehow learn from it, trust them differently and move on. But it doesn't mean a scar isn't formed on my soul..and that hurts. Hopefully you are feeling better today.

  2. Beautiful post, Jilda. I delve into the same dilemmas sometimes. I don't have an answer, but be patient with yourself. You are doing your best, so don't judge yourself. I agree with Yaya.I've learned that some people will not change just because we are nice to them. We need to accept the reality and move on with love. It can be painful, but I believe we grow stronger in the process as time goes by, no matter how sensitive we are.