Friday, July 13, 2012

Breathing Through the Pain

It is always interesting to see who shows up for yoga class......some days I turn students away, there is no space, and other days only a few drift in.  Today, the numbers were small, but it seems those who made it to class today needed it......most had chronic pain issues.

When I have those who suffer with chronic pain, the emphasis is always on breath work.......and we did lots of breathing we moved through the breaths, you could see faces soften and smiles began to appear......pretty amazing to watch pain leave the body.

Those who hurt the most, are the ones who doubt the most........they often look at me with disbelief when I talk about breath work and pain management.  As we finished the class, I covered them with fresh blankets, placed eye pillows on their eyes, and continued with fifteen minutes of relaxation.  They left with smiles and hugs, and promises to see me again Monday.   I love my job.

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  1. When I took a yoga class the best part was always the relaxation time..although no one gave us the wonderful treatment you give your students! I fell asleep more than once..that was embarrassing! It must be great to ease pain. In my job easing pain means needles, drugs, and it's really rare anyone wakes up with a smile. I take comfort in knowing that they will feel better in the long run..hopefully!