Saturday, March 31, 2012


We played one of our most favorite venues tonight, I had looked forward to it all week.
As we walked out of the front door this evening headed for Berkeley Bob's , there were strange clouds and weird light all around us......I looked at Rick and said, "I bet there's hail somewhere."
Twenty minutes later on the interstate, we found the hail.  Quarter and golf ball size hail, beating down on us like a  mad possessed weather experiment.  Cars were pulling onto the shoulders of I65 like crazy,
I kept looking for a funnel cloud.  Ingrid (my car) was pounded without mercy, over and over by those hail stones.  Never had I seen such large stones, never had I seen a hail storm last so long.
Mercifully, Ingrid's windshield remained intact.....when daylight comes tomorrow, we'll see how many dents she the dark, I didn't see any dents.

So, we made it on to Bob's and had a great show, the crowd was smaller than usual......after April 27th's tornadoes last year, we here in Alabama are gun shy when it comes to the weather.
There is still lightening in the distance tonight, hopefully, all we will get is rain.
I am ready for a cup of hot tea.......
goodnight, sweet dreams


  1. I'm glad you had a good night, and that you made it home safely!

  2. Hopefully not too many dents. And so glad you're safe.

  3. Hail storms are scary to me. Glad you made it through and had a good time singing!

  4. When I think of hail storms my mind goes back many years hubby and I were away on holidays with my parents when it hit and was bad the hail stones where like golf balls and I remember placing a towel against the windscreen as the stones where hitting that hard I thought the windscreen would didn't........

    I don't mind hail storms when I am at home

  5. This time of year sure can bring on the crazy weather. Glad you made it out OK and I hope your car does too!

  6. Thank goodness it wasn't a tornado.
    I am so afraid of those things. I guess everyone is. How can a person not be. :-(

    Have a great week :-)