Monday, March 12, 2012


Burnout.....we probably have all suffered from it at one time or another. Sadly we are the only one who can fix it.  When we have pushed ourselves beyond the point of rescue and we are going on sheer will power alone, it is time we fixed our problem.

Usually if you go to bed tired, wake up tired, it's time to think about burnout.  When no amount of rest or sleep makes you feel's time to think about burnout.  Workaholics, caregivers, and perfectionists attract burnout like a moth to a flame.  It may feel like exhaustion, or depression or just an absolute loss of energy.

If you find that knot in the pit of your stomach every morning, and the tears come out of the blue,
it's probably burnout. If nothing is right, you feel trapped.......time to put the big boy/girl undies on and deal with is most likely burnout and you are the only one who can fix it.

It takes lifestyle changes,honesty, and bravery.....usually it is time to slow down and give some serious thought about what you truly want to do.  I have found in my times of burnout......illness strikes with a vengeance.  Every flu bug, cold, virus.....anything that has ever haunted or thought about haunting my body.....jumps in with both feet and promptly kicks my booty.

Burnout happens when we lie to ourselves, we think we can just keep going and everything will be fine.......and then the day of reckoning comes and we know we have hit the wall. It's burnout when  it use to be fun to wake up every morning, when work was a challenge, and life was exciting.
It's burnout when you don't want to leave the bed, every day is overwhelming and instead of excitement, there is dread.

Honesty has to come first, what is wearing you down, taking your life's energy and spitting it out?
Once you identify it, how can you change it, what can be done, small step at a time comes into play.  If it's work.....can you change jobs, send out resumes, change shifts, change careers, take a break......if it is care giving.... ask for help, talk with a social worker or counselor,
look at what's available through home health care, VA, or other services.......if it is perfectionism with a counselor, ask for help, let go.  There is always something you can may not be the answer you want, it may be the one you need most.

Burnout, if it is taking place in your life......take control now.....ask yourself the hard questions, be honest, and willing to compromise.....your health and maybe your life depend on it.


  1. This smacked me with a vengeance a few years back. I was going through a ton of different stressful things and I kept going but when everything had calmed down, I just fell apart. my Doctor told me my body knew it didn't have to fight any more and it was telling me to take a rest. Which I did :-)

  2. I always say - listen to your body and don't fight it! Be in harmony with it!

    Take care

  3. I've been in burnout...job I detested, long distance caregiving for an aging and irascible parent, long distance assistance to a daughter with a disabled husband, drama queen/negative nelly at home...yep....burnout.

  4. Yes, I've had burn-out. I had to leave home for two months and go visit my sisters. It was very relaxing and I got better.