Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Trauma and Grief

Trauma and grief.......tough groups to participate in.  On Wednesday many of my students attend group counseling in trauma or grief before they come to my class.  They walk into my room and I see the pain on their faces, the way they move and speak.  Most often they are suffering physical pain as well......when you begin to release emotional pain, the body suffers too.

I make sure that the blankets, eye pillows and lavender oil are close by, and that the music is soft and soothing. I ready myself before they come, asking for wisdom and love and for guidance in teaching the class.

Trauma and grief.....sadly most of us have experienced one or both in our lives.  Most of us either figure out on our own, or search out help in moving on......but some become frozen or numb the pain with drugs and/or alcohol.  For some the horrors are so terrifying they become immobilized, stuck in the path of pain, bitterness, anger and sorrow.....often so racked with guilt.....their lives are never the same.  Many like my father did ( who was in WWII) just bury
it all as deeply as possible and pray that it never surfaces.  I believe his heart disease and depression  that started in his early forties, was the suppression of his war experiences.

The good news, the yoga helps.  My group today, came in shoulders slumping, spirits low,
complaining with aches and pains.  I took them through a gentle class, filled with as much love that I could possibly give them.  Breath work and meditation and those gentle moves,
took them to a different place.  When class was over, there were smiles, actually some laughter, and hugs for the teacher.  I'll take those hugs anytime.


  1. Sounds like those hugs were well deserved.

    Blessings to you !

  2. Glad the yoga helped alleviate such sadness! Take care

  3. My first job as an RN was in psychiatry where I sometimes helped out on the chemical dependency unit. I heard many stories of pain - sometimes pain that would touch my own issues. Finding a safe place to express it is therapeutic, and having a healthy practice (like you provide with yoga) helps us to find a healthier place.

  4. You do some much good in the work that you do, and the person you obviously are.